The People

Keith King (host, producer)

Keith KingIn addition to being the host of Just a Show and Just a Show Radio, Keith has hosted the Keith King Show, Ripped Off with Keith King, the IWA Stars of Wrestling and the Western Wrestling Talk Show. As a disc jockey for 20 years, Keith has made a smooth transition to Just a Show Radio. In addition to his hosting duties, Keith books guests and keeps Shawn’s ego in line. King’s high-energy personality has helped earn him tens of fans worldwide. He has been touted as one of the loudest people in show business.

Shawn Turek (sidekick, producer)

Shawn TurekShawn has worked with Keith on numerous productions going back to “Ripped Off with Keith King” in the mid to late 1990’s. Over the years he has gone from hanging around outside the building till he can sneak in behind someone else, to helping on the crew and having some on-air appearances, to taking a much more active role in writing, producing, acting, editing, and eventually becoming the sidekick on “Just a Show”. Shawn also manages the website and produces most of the graphics and visual elements that are part of the production. Shawn continues his role as sidekick and producer on “Just a Show Radio”, the latest incarnation of “Just a Show”.

David Anthony (voice talent extraordinaire)

David AnthonyDavid is the “Fifth Beatle”, and by “fifth” we mean “third” and “Beatle” we mean “member of our humble show”. You can hear David throughout each episode of Just a Show Radio, from the show open, to commercial breaks, to various segment intro’s. You can hear more of David’s excellent voicework on his profile at