The Show

Just a Show Radio (2011)

The “Just a Show with Keith King” television show went on hiatus at the end of 2010. Wanting to try something different, Keith King and Sidekick Shawn re-emerged in April 2011 with “Just a Show Radio”. The new radio show was recorded weekly and streamed live on UStream and on the Just a Show website. The show carried over many of the elements of the “Just a Show” television program—unique and interesting guest, news and entertainment, and witty banter from Keith and Shawn—and combined it with the energy of a live program and callers at 651-315-TALK.

Just a Show with Keith King (2003-2010)

Keith came back in November 2003 with “Just a Show”. Continuing in the late-night tradition, the show combined sketch comedy, on-the-street segments, and cool guests in each jam-packed episode. Drawing on the experience and “lessons learned” in past productions, the show grew into a solid production. They partnered with local sketch comedy group Flapping Crane, including their popular videos as segment in select episodes. The producers also saw the massive changes that were happening with video distribution on the internet and the opportunities it provided to independent content producers. No longer limited to the traditional television model, “Just a Show” reached beyond cable and actively explored these new distribution methods by steaming the show from the “Just a Show” website and offering video podcasts for download through iTunes and other popular video sites. The future of “Just a Show” became uncertain in late 2008 with the announcement that the studio that they had called home for over 10 years was no longer available. The final episodes for 2008 were shot in late fall of that year, and the lights went down on another chapter.

The producers took a few months off and convened at the start of 2009. Exactly what “Just a Show” would be going forward was the question. And all ideas were entertained — even some far out ones. But in the end, Keith King, Shawn Turek, and John Michael felt that the core of what this production had become was something they wanted to preserve. The late-night format shot in a studio, the humor and fun of sketch comedy, and those moments created during on-the-street segments and guest interviews. They found a new home at Savage TV. From top to bottom the entire production was overhauled with a new set, a new show open, and new technology.

The Keith King Show (2001)

In 2001, “The Keith King Show” was launched on KSTC-TV 45 in the Twin Cities, marking the start of a whole new chapter. This variety show combined the best of the cable access years with digital production, national celebrities, and bold comedy. Through the grassroots promotion and guerrilla marketing, the show gained viewers and measurable ratings. Keith interviewed national celebrities, including Kathie Lee Gifford, Mandy Moore, O-Town, Kurt Angle, Aaron Carter, Dee Snider, and more. After a six month run, efforts to gain more support from the management at KSTC TV 45 were unsuccessful, and the show ended. They didn’t “get it”.

Ripped Off with Keith King (1997-2001)

In January of 1997, accomplished disc jockey Keith King decided to go after his childhood dream of being a talk show host. With the help of friends, he launched “Ripped Off with Keith King” on Burnsville/Eagan Community Television. Although the first year of shows were quite rough, Keith was recognized as the 1997 Rookie of the Year Producer for Burnsville/Community Television. Also early in this first year Shawn Turek (now Sidekick Shawn) and John Michael went from supporting players to taking a more active role, helping with a variety of creative and technical aspects of the show. “Ripped Off with Keith King” mixed current events with guests, sketch comedy, man on the street segments, and more. in 2001 “Ripped Off with Keith King” went off the air, but not before reaching homes in nearly the entire Twin Cities metro area, becoming a cult favorite for many in the Twin Cities. Ripped Off went on to win the following Burnsville/Eagan Community Television awards: 1998 Most Innovative Production, 1998 Best On Location Multi-Camera Production for a show at Camp Snoopy, 1999 Best Studio Production, 1999 Best Edited Production, and 2000 Best Studio Production for Ripped Off’s only live show. Ripped Off also went on to win a Hometown Video Festival Judge’s Choice Award in 2000.